Back-of-book indexing service

Back-of-book indexing

An index is an essential addition to a non-fiction book. A well-formatted index will guide your readers specifically to where they need to be without having to search through pages unnecessarily. A polished index can be the difference between a sale and your book being left on the shelf.


How I can help

With your audience in mind, and in consultation with you and your publisher, I will carefully construct an index which is simple to follow and quick to use. My eye for detail will ensure key words and concepts are not overlooked, spelling is accurate and you receive a highly polished index ready for publication.

The first steps...

Please use the contact form for initial contact and outline what your project entails. I will provide a free, no obligation assessment and be in touch to outline fees and a proposed timeline. Cost and duration will vary between projects and depend on the size and complexity. Once you decide you would like to proceed, we will set a mutually agreeable start date and we can proceed from there.

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